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Why should I buy SPAMfighter Pro, when SPAMfighter Standard is free?

SPAMfighter Standard is free for home use only! For use in a professional/educational/governmental environment you must use SPAMfighter Pro.
SPAMfighter Standard is a nice tool and it’s sufficient for most home users. But if you want these benefits:* Get Premium Support (typically same day response to support emails)
* use more then one mail account in your email client
* Get rid of the SPAMfighter footer in your emails
* Get rid of the small commercial in your email client
* Have more than 100 people in your Blacklist/Whitelist

then SPAMfighter Pro is for you.
In addition to this, you are able to support the “War Against Spam” by making it possible for us to hire more programmers, to make SPAMfighter an even better tool.
Buy SPAMfighter Pro here.

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