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I purchased SPAMfighter Pro, but I still have the commercial in Outlook/Express, why?

You probably haven’t used the product key we sent you. Look in the invoice you received and follow the easy guide.
To activate SPAMfighter PRO, please do the following:
* Go to the SPAMfighter toolbar in your Outlook/Express.
* Select “More” -> “Options”
* In the left hand side of the new window, chose “Account”.
* Select “Enter Product Key” in the right window.
* Enter the product key – You can find it on the invoice we sent you.
* Click on “Activate” to save your product key.
If there is a red line below all or part of the product key and the “activate” button is not clickable, it means there is an error in typing your product key. Please correct it and try again!
Restart your mail client and you’ll have SPAMfighter Pro.

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