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How does SPAMfighter Exchange Module work?

SPAMfighter Exchange Server Module seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Exchange Server which makes the solution very fast.

As an email arrives and the Exchange Server routes it to its addressees, SEM makes a unique signature for each message and sends it to the SPAMfighter Server for evaluation. If the SPAMfighter Server determines that a message is spam, it notifies SEM and the spam mail is moved to the users’ spam folder.

SPAMfighter Exchange Server Module also offers reporting, so administrators can review statistics on how many messages SEM has filtered, how many users are enabled and more.

In addition, SEM is simple to use for end users as spam is automatically moved to the spam folder. While SEM simplifies administration and keeps software and configuration off the employee’s desktop, it also provides individual control for end users if the administrators decide they want this.

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