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How do I use SPAMfighter with Yahoo mail in Outlook Express

In order to use a Yahoo mail account with POP3 you need to have a Yahoo Plus account.You need to setup your Yahoo email to use POP3 first. Go to your Yahoo webmail ( open your email with your username and password.
Click on Options and Mail Options. Click on POP and Forwarding in the menu and then Set up or edit POP & forward.
Check the Web & POP access. You are now ready to set up your Outlook Express.To create and configure a new Yahoo e-mail account in the Outlook Express software:
1. Launch the Microsoft Outlook Express software.
2. Click the Tools menu, then Accounts.
3. Choose the Add option and then mail option.
4. Type in a Display name (the name you want for this account, For example Yahoo)
5. Type in your Yahoo email address. For example
6. Choose POP3 in the dropdown.
7. Incoming mail should be:
8. In the Outgoing mail server (SMTP): box, type
9. In the Account Name box, type your Yahoo mail address, for example,
10. In the Password box, type your Yahoo password. Click Next and then Finish. 11. Go to Tools and accounts, click on your new Yahoo account and choose Properties.
12. Click the Servers tap and then check the My server requires authentication box to place a check mark in it and click Apply.
13. Click on the Advanced tap.
14. In the Incoming server (POP3) box, type 995
Check the This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)
15. In the Outgoing mail (SMTP) box, type 465.
Check the This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)Note: In the Delivery section click the Leave a copy of each message on the server box to place a check mark in it, and then click the Apply button.
15. Click the OK button and you are done and ready to send and receive emails via your Yahoo mail address.

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